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Luna Chair

Luna Chair

Sika-Design has once again visited the Italian designer Franco Albini's archives and found the drawings to this beautiful sculptural armchair. The original design dates back to 1967 and was created by the Italian design duo Franco Albini and Franca Helg. These two renowned designers and architects collaborated professionally from the early 1950s until the death of Franco Albini in 1977.
Franco Albini and Franca Helg were known for being experimental in their designs without ever compromising the quality and craftsmanship of Italian furniture traditions. In this futuristic design, originally named "Radar", you notice a clear design reference to the space race, which greatly influenced fashion and design during the 1960s.
Sika-Design has chosen to stay with this terminology and named the relaunched Radar-chair Luna. Luna is in itself a beautiful sculpture that will make a great impression in the garden or on the terrace. But it is not only decorative, it is also perfect for relaxing – bring your favourite book or simply sit or lay, however you prefer in this lovely spacious “space” chair.
Luna is part of Sika-Design’s Exterior collection and created for outdoor use.

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